Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: The .LRN UI is ready for translation

Posted by Jarkko Laine on
Some notes from the translation process:

1. The translation mode is great! However, I don't feel like a professor (see one of Peter's previous posts), because I'm not given any means to add classes or groups or whatsoever beyond basic student capabilities. That forces me to use bulk mode for the most of the time...

2. ...which makes me come to the second point, that is the context of the words, which someone already mentioned. I bet I get good laughs when I first time browse the system which I've translated with the bulk mode.

3. Related to the previous point, there are some messages consisting of just one preposition, like 'at'. Not good for us Finns who don't use prepositions but suffixes. When I try to leave the field blank, the system doesn't like it. When I try to find an ugly way round, like single space, I get an Oracle error.

Otherwise, the translating seems a quick way (tm) to spend your day ;-)