Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Room reservation system &

Posted by Deds Castillo on

That's good. If I can find enough idle time, I'll dust it off and submit it for peer review in the coming days.

Posted by Samuel Feterman on

We are interested in the classifieds package for oacs 4.x that you mentioned have been working on. Could you please send us a link to download it?

Thank you in advance,


Posted by Roberto Mello on

I have a copy of Deds' classified-ads package and I have been working on it.

It need some work to be in a usable state, but I'm getting there.

I'll be importing the package into CVS tomorrow (have Deds' and Paul's ok on that), and you'll be able to grab it from there. Perhaps we could split work on it.


Posted by Denis Khitrov on
Hi Roberto!

I'm trying to build Meeting Scheduler over Calendar package. I'm very interested in Room reservation package for 4.6 version.

As I underestand from the forum you are working on it. Have you any progress?

I've tried to port old version of RR myself, but found many dead realation to the tables that do not present in 4.6. All that things confused me and I stoped affords.

Any help is very appretiated.