Forum .LRN Q&A: Status of dotLRN with postgres?

Posted by Mohan Pakkurti on

I am curious to know what is the status of dotLRN when
used with postgres? It seems to me that most of the
installations we have now and used/tested are based on

Does anyone have experiences to share about this?


Posted by Deds Castillo on
We're using it under Postgres.  It's performing ok except for some calendar queries we had to optimize because of it's subselects.  Takes a lot to complete specially with more than 50 classes populated with several calendar events each.  Number of users: nearly 1000 or so with more to be added.
Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I am also using PG 7.2 and I get some errors with calendar as we discussed in this thread
I am hoping that someone will fix it soon, I know that Ben was working on it but I haven't heard any news. Did someone find a work-aorind it?
Posted by Rafael Calvo on

I forgot to mention that most other things seem to work alright!