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Posted by Lachlan Myers on
    OK - thanks. I have it up and running. Looks good so far.

I noticed a couple of interesting features added to this is Jerry Asher's solutions to the PS2 (

1. the extension of the model into a more general resource booking system / ability to include resources such as AV equipment
2. The ability to charge for the booking.

Posted by Ciaran De Buitlear on
We've done a system that might be of interest to anyone that's interested in thread:
A complex web-based booking system for a UK-based indoor ski slope. The main features of this system are:
  • Scheduling of different types of activities on different slopes with a complex pricing and discounts structure.
  • Front desk and Telephone bookings for customers with intelligent activity searching and real-time views of slope activity (live).
  • Rolling booking times of 15 minute intervals which relate to 5 minute timeslots on the database for future flexibility.
  • Web-based booking for customers (to go live soon)
  • Issuing of slope passes.
  • High performance and failover redundancy.
  • Credit card payments using EPDQ.

    The system is built on an Oracle 8.1.7 database running on Red Hat Linux 7.3. We used OpenACS 4.5 as our toolkit and extended the user maintenance plus the customisations mentioned above.

    If you want to know more about any of this please give me a shout.