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Posted by Lars Pind on
All the pages in packages/dotlrn/www explicitly ask for dotlrn-master as their master template.

Is this something we should change?

I'd like to be able to set the master template on a site-wide basis, and make that work for dotLRN as well as for all the other packages on my system, but I'm not sure how other people are using this.

What should the right master templating structure for dotLRN be?

The thing is that the dotLRN master template acts as the final master template, not to be wrapped by the default-master.

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Posted by Ben Adida on
I think it's probably *not* something to change completely, but maybe something to make more modular. Meaning, all dotLRN pages should have something in common, something dotLRN specific, and that should go in dotlrn-master. dotlrn-master should then call the site wide master that should define your site-wide look and feel.
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Posted by Amit Kr. Singh on
Is this possible to do HOW??