Forum .LRN Q&A: Prometheus

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
I was at an academic conference last week, where I presented dotLRN and our experience with commercial E-Learning software. I took more time than I was given talking about dotLRN, OpenACS, and why open source makes sense for universities. There was strong interest in dotLRN. I also took the opportunity to asked people from different schools what they are running.  One platform that  came up (that I had forgotten about) was: Prometheus. People running it now would be ideal candidates for dotLRN.

Developed at George Washington University the platform used Cold Fusion and Oracle or SQL Server. Way back when I was looking at different systems I found it quite interesting, but people at WU did not respond when I tried to contact them. It had a couple of things going for it: handheld integration, templating, db backend, "community source" (although it would have problems competing with dotLRN). To make a long story short... Blackboard "acquired" the "community source". Blackboard is no longer pushing the platform so I assume there are a lot of people on a dead end street looking for an nice exit.

Prometheus at Blackboard:

Old Prometheus Site:

Going through the pages I found that the following (for anyone looking for potential customers):

Also found a collection of quotes (possible contacts):