Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: AOLserver and Oracle 9i

Posted by Doug Harris on
We run AOLserver3.3+ad13 with Oracle 9i. I've got it working fine with two different oracle drievers -- one linked with 8i client libraries, one with 9i client libraries.

As for bind variables, clobs & function calls, we use ACS, so we've got it. The oracle driver may already have that for you. I just did a quick scan of ora8.c and found:

/* this is the moby ns_ora Tcl command, it does resultrows, resultid,
   clob/blob_dml and clob/blob_dml_file, and clob/blob_get_file

      ns_ora dml db ?-bind set? query ?bindval1? ?bindval2? ...
      ns_ora array_dml db ?-bind set? query ?bindarray1? ?bindarray2? ...
      ns_ora clob_dml db query clob_value_1 ... clob_value_N
      ns_ora blob_dml db query clob_value_1 ... clob_value_N
      ns_ora clob_dml_file db query file_name_1 ... file_name_N
      ns_ora blob_dml_file db query file_name_1 ... file_name_N
      ns_ora clob_get_file db query file_name
      ns_ora blob_get_file db query file_name
      ns_ora write_clob db query ?nbytes?
      ns_ora write_blob db query ?nbytes?
   The query for the clob/blob_get_file should return just one value
Check the archives of the aolserver mailing list over at I think you'll need to join the list to view the archives, but it's painless.

Another reason to look at the archives... earlier this month there was an extensive discussion about providing support for other languages within AOLserver.

Posted by Niels Hallenberg on
Thanks for your info.

It's right that the driver already contains support for clobs etc. but the functionality is bound to Tcl-functions (e.g., ns_ora) and we have to bind it to Standard ML functions, and this is where we have to do our own editing in the driver code.

I have just joined the AOLserver mailinglist and looks forward to some interesting discussions...