Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Contracts: OpenACS pricing and costs

Posted by Patrick Giagnocavo on
Bob,  you certainly raise a number of interesting questions here.

From my experience, the actual hosting part is the easiest to quantify.  My company, ZillNet charges about $175 per month for a managed server dedicated to just one customer (basically a leased server colocated at our premises), running OpenACS/Postgres, with 30GB bandwidth included.  Others charge more or less than that.

The shared server pricing we are currently in the midst of re-working but the new plan will start at about $20 or $25 per month and include some form of SSL (use your own certificate or use for free).

Development costs are all over the map.  For basic customization with existing functionality, such as stock OACS 4.6 + custom templating (say forums, ecommerce, and one or two other packages) I would not be surprised to see someone offering a menu-priced package(i.e. any three modules) for about $1000.  For more than that, expect development costs to grow steeply.

Oracle seems to add to the pricing a multiple from 2 to 4 times in terms of hosting charges; but I would not expect developing an Oracle-only package to cost much more than a Postgres-only package.

dotLRN and dotWRK are too new to see much data on, yet.

Overall, I feel that as the toolkit progresses the cost of getting a basic site up and running will decrease due to templating cleanup alone.