Forum .LRN Q&A: dotLRN Task List

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

We have started a dotLRN task list. The intention is to help organize and push dotLRN forward (Sloan does not want to stand in the way of this). You can find the first version of this list here:

The task list will be coordinated by the dotLRN Steering Group (or whatever you want to call it). The main functions of this group will be to coordinate the task list, organize the push forward, make things happen, and bring people together that have similar goals. This group is about coordination and action not recognition. The membership will change frequently because it is the best compromise between giving everyone a chance to serve and keeping the group small enough that it can actually accomplish it's goals. The group will also maintain the adoption task list (more on that soon), keep track of who's working on what, reassign tasks if someone gets too busy to finish, etc.

To start with the group is about managing the adoption effort and will get into other areas as needed (this group WILL NOT set technical direction). This group should allow a much larger number of people to be actually working on adoption while keeping the management group small enough to coordinate effectively.

The group may hold private conversations among themselves, but all potentially controversial decisions will be posted to the dotLRN forum for public debate.

There are no formal criteria for being eligible for the group; however, it is intended that members will be deeply interested in and committed to the wide adoption of dotLRN, both in educational institutions and elsewhere, and will be contributing members of the dotLRN community. They should have strong organizational skills and have the time to follow through on their commitments. When seats become open, community members interested in serving will be asked to submit their names, etc. Members may serve any number of terms. A simple majority vote will then be taken of the members of the Executive Board, Technical Advisory Board, User Advisory Board and Steering Group. If two seats are up for vote then the two nominees with the most votes will win. Terms will be 3 months after the initial group. If it becomes necessary, a group member can be removed at any time by the Executive Board, and a vote will be held to determine the member's replacement. No nominations will be turned away; anyone who is nominated will be included in the voting.

You can email the group or post in the dotLRN development forum if you have any tasks that you would like to tackle or feel should be added to the list.


P.S. Originally Al and Caroline approached me with this idea, because they want to work against Sloan being the dotLRN bottleneck. I felt the original proposal was too formal and had my doubts, but with Janine's help it has gone through a couple of iterations since (it is still open to change) and I think it might be a good thing. Caroline requested that I keep an open mind, give it a try for now, and adjust as we see what works. I ask the same of others.