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7: Re: dotLRN design (response to 6)
Posted by Bjorn Thor Jonsson on
Maybe some ideas can be gotten from how phpBB handles multiple styles?:
8: Re: dotLRN design (response to 7)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
I especially like this page
I think having a catalog of all the images used
and directory of css classes and IDs will go a
long way towards allowing people to do themeing.

My goal is to make themes just be tar or zip files that can
be dropped into place and picked up automatically.
Obviously we won't get there with all modules but
I would like to see a core set of modules with
a consistent "design API" in the sense of common image
files and consistent class naming and such.

9: Re: dotLRN design (response to 8)
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Having a catalog of all images (and css) used with "consistent class naming and such" will probably need to be done for the i18n work too (luckily for us there are not too many images in dotLRN right now).
10: Re: dotLRN design (response to 9)
Posted by Venkatesh Goteti on
Am just curious, has there been any progress in terms of development in this direction? I am particularly keen on knowing if anyone has been implementing themes/skins effectively, not just under different subsites, but, if it is possible to wrap a skin around each individual package, not just adding a theme for a user/class/club alone. Would be glad to look up any info in this regard.