Forum OpenACS Development: migration and updates

Posted by Ben Koot on
Hi folks,
is changing fairly rapidly, a few simple issues, that could trigger an interesting contribution to the user manual.
I know the setup I am running is a shambles but still, I need to get things fixed as soon as possible.
I have  currently:

1. On virtual hosting, 5 ACS 3.25 instances.

2. one ACS 4.6. beta release in full use, not running the latest updates, and consequently buggy.

4. I don't want to loose data in the buggy beta release.

5. I can't dump the ACS 3.2.5 versions, because Timedesk depends largely on ACS chat running on postgress. This means I can't make the switch.

6. Because of silly technical problems we havn't been able to tackle, we installed additional instances, which is anoying, but I have learned to live with them, so did my uesers.

A. How can I migrate without loosing data.Is there a mechanism to put all ACS.3.25 data on a big pile and merge it into one database, clean it up and transfer it to acs 4.6

B. How do I upgrade efficiently to the latest release.

C. I understand Gatekeeper seems to be able to communicate between ACS 3.25 and ACS 4.6. Effectively that would solve my chatr poblem. Unfortunatly, nobody seesm to understand what gatekeeper actualy does, so we realy need some explanation, and possible  LIVE examples of the tool.

These questions may have been asked before, and there may be answers in the bboard, but I feel, it might be usefull to have a compendium of migration issues at hand, so we don't have to scout the bboard.

I may have created a mess out of lack of experience, but, maybe there are more users, that have similar problems. If so,let me know on, and I will try to create a migration logbook, to build this into a user document.