Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: The .LRN UI is ready for translation

Posted by Marcin Kuczkowski on
Hi from Poland,

All the messages are tranlated into Polish BUT it is only first approach. Assuming that there is The Only True Ideal Translation, with every step we will get a bit closer to it. There are several issues associated with translation the dotLRN to Polish (some of them are relevant to other eastern languages also, I suppose):

  • Polish language has cases - a noun has 7 forms depending on the context
  • when in batch mode, seldom one can see the context
  • UI often builds the phrases from single word translations and since the syntax rules for Polish are quite different from English it does not look good with Polish locale.
  • I found the case when the same key is used in more places in UI in different contexts - Polish forms are different for each place and there should be more keys.
  • when the translation ommits a variable from the original message (shown as %some_var%) system complaints about it, and the version WITH the var is far less Polish - it simply reads so strange.
  • there are some simple words which are present in many packages which are to be translated over and over again : Add, Delete, Approve and so on.

All of the messages are translated but some of them are not so accurate and read a bit strange in Polish. I thought if one can see WRONG word in a context, it would be easier to catch the RIGHT one.

Concluding: i think it would be useful to have the acs-lang:

  • present whole phrases to translate (in batch mode)as they appear in UI,
  • translate phrases instead of words
  • check if the phrase has already been translated and present translations as an option (drop-down list?) to choose.

I am not a hacker so I do not have idea how to do this.

Posted by xx xx on
You're 'message key usage' sure helps to figure out what the context of words is. I think it's sufficient, though real translators will surely argue otherwise.
However, it would help to have 'Messages that are translated' ordered by 'Translated Message'. I think Marcin could need such a table too.
In the end, when everything is translated, one might need a complete ordered list (not per package) to edit the results of translations.