Forum OpenACS Q&A: Spammed by bogus instant forum notifications

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
It seems that instant forum notifications have some problems too. Today, I read the "Installing Oracle 8.1.7 on Redhat 8.0" thread and clicked to request instant notifications on it.

Imagine my surprise to check my email, and find a separate email for what appeared to be every single post that's ever been made to that thread. Oh yeah, and in no particular order, and with all the dates set to today with no information at all as to when the post was actulaly made.

I haven't had time to try and track this bug down yet myself, but FYI...

Ah, another bug: On the /notifications/manage page, the "Item" links, which which are either the forum names or the subjects of the forums posts, don't work at all. Clicking on them takes you nowhere. For example, this "Daily forums notifications not working" link.