Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Online docs need revision date and CVS $Id$ tag

Posted by Vinod Kurup on
Hi Andrew,

How did you find /doc/oracle.html? In any case, both are out-of-date at the moment. There is a CVS ID tag on both documents, but it's at the bottom of the doc. Is that sufficient?

I know Jeff mentioned that he might set up a cronjob to regenerate the docs, but I'm not sure if he's done this yet. If not, I agree with him that it is a great idea!!

As an update, I have committed all the changes that I mentioned above. I also added a change that Jeff and Roberto suggested (I think?) to include a link back to the website on all doc pages. That way, comments on locally installed pages can easily be placed on the website. Of course, the version of the docs that is *actually* living on the website should not have this link, cuz it would just be confusing. So, that part of the XSL stylesheet should be commented out on

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
To get to /doc/oracle.html, from, click on Documentation for this Installation of OpenACS, Unix Installation Guide, Install Oracle 8.1.7, and there you are.

CVS Id tag at the bottom? There is? Ah... Yes, sorry, you are correct, I missed it. It's in a somewhat odd location though, a bit hard to spot. It would be better in either the header or footer of the document, or both. I personally like putting it in the the lower right corner of the footer, but as long as it's consistent I don't see any real difference. But the very most important thing is that it's there, somewhere - which you'd already done.