Forum OpenACS Q&A: bin/restart-aolserver needs replacing

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Posted by Kevin Murphy on
(I'm a newbie; so go easy on any way off comments ...)

The current bin/restart-aolserver seems like it should be replaced, I guess with, which is referred to in Vinod's installation instructions.

In OACS 4.5, the current bin/restart-aolserver will fail for most people: it assumes an unusual location for perl, it assumes Unix98, not BSD ps, and on my system, suidperl refuses to use /bin/ps.  Ignoring suid, it's easy to fix, but the other version of the script might be better.

As a further note for any SuSE users grepping this forum, SuSE Linux (which I use) actually disables suidperl by stripping the s bit; I have to enable suidperl using "su; chmod +s /usr/bin/suidperl" before running setuid perl scripts.  Not that I need to for this purpose, since nsd runs as nsadmin after following the installation instructions.

BTW, is there a way to do a restart from within the openacs system?

-Kevin Murphy

Posted by Tom Jackson on

You can try using daemontools. I have a howto that describes the steps involved.

Posted by Lachlan Myers on
Daemontools is definitely the way to go, IMHO.

It is independent of other tools/languages except for a simple shell script, and will automatically restart if nsd dies  or is killed (like in the install process).

Its easy enough to set up from Tom Jacksons howto. If you have to install from source, just follow directions to download & install from page.

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Just note that my instructions are out of date. The general outline is useful, and the script to allow group control of the svc command is also useful. But, install daemontools according to Dan Bernstein's instructions, since these have changed.

I wrote the doc in xml and converted it to html, but I have forgotten what script I ran to do the conversion. Is that a good excuse, or what ;)