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Posted by Ben Koot on
DotLRN is currently beeing translated in many languages. The same setup could be used to translate the toolkit into user specific (profesional jargon) areas. I would like to suggest to add this functionality to the toolkit. I would like to start a test, using the application into a traveltrade specific environment. What I mean is renaming terms into industry specific jargon.

If we would have this functionality, it would greatly increrease the marketing potential of OpenACS. This may make little sence at first, but for example, what everybody calls an invoice, is called "Folio" in the hotel industry. I would think, the more flexible OpenACS is to adapt to industry specific language, the more chance we have getting the toolkit accepted as a mainstream technology communication platform. Kudos to the guys that created the translation interface.


2: Re: DotLRN side effect (response to 1)
Posted by Walter McGinnis on
I see this as extremely valuable to dotWRK, as well.
3: Re: DotLRN side effect (response to 1)
Posted by xx xx on
I entered a similar 'suggestion' in the acs-lang bugtracker. Maybe you can add your comments to mine.
I'm sure, it will be given a thought, given the potential for dotLRN, dotWRK, dotORG and other implementations.
However, making different versions in one language, implicates the need for subsite- and package awareness too. For example, there could be a difference in semantics between different classes, communities and etcetera.