Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Response to VMWare OACS installation question

Posted by John Sequeira on
Vitor, Could you confirm that you can log in to postgres using psql?

I believe you want to try (as root)

/sbin/service postgresql start
su postgres
psql openacs
If you succeed with that, do you still get the same log errors when you start aolserver?


/sbin/service aolserver start

Then read the log file...

8: typo (response to 7)
Posted by John Sequeira on
The psql command above should be "psql openacs4".

If you succeed with the psql command, you can type "\d" to get a list of all the objects in the database.  If you get a bunch of acs* tables,  this should confirm that your db is fine.

Other debugging thoughts:
What you do get when you type ifconfig?
And what type of virtual network adapter is the VM using (bridged or NAT)?

Can you ping the VM from your host OS?