Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Forums search: 'Bogus' or what?

Posted by Roberto Mello on

"Also, new posts don't appear on the front page of the site very quickly, making this 'bogus' as well. Is this a dynamic site, or what?"

The "bogus" you mention is "caching because we can't hit the database every time because our machine is not that big and is used by other sites".

When one posts a message to the forum, one is taken back to the thread where it belongs, so one sees the message is in there.

Feel free to donate more hardware so we can hit the database every time. We could use another stick or two of 512 MiB of RAM (we only have 512 right now) and a 15,000 RPM SCSI disk.

We'd love to make the site "non-bogus". You can send your hardware donation to OpenForce, since they own the machine and graciously provide the bandwidth. They'll take your donation and install it on the machine and we'll make sure we make the config modifications on our OpenACS installation.