Forum OpenACS Development: nsrewrite: should it be in SourceForge?

I just finished installing OpenACS or Oracle (pg tomorrow), from scratch, following the install documents. I noticed that one module that is in the suggested config file (nsrewrite) was not at SourceForge. I found it in file storage in a tgz file with some other modules.

Hey, this is a great module, why hide it? Should it go on SourceForge? I edited the makefile so it conforms to the other module makefiles.

If not, we need a better advertised location for this module. What we may need anyway is a place to put all the jumble of files the install doc asks the user to download. For Oracle, there must be 5 or more of these scattered around.

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
It would be great if it was added to SourceForge, particularly since you've taken the time to update the makefile.  If you can write a little Readme with usage information that would also be excellent.
Posted by russ m on
Just out of curiosity, what is this useful for? The one function this module exports (ns_rewriteurl) isn't used anywhere in OACS, and as far as I can see it's only use in ACS > 3 would be to go behind the back of the request processor.

Perhaps it should be removed from the default config file? Or am I missing something here?

Posted by Tom Jackson on

I think it provides a tcl wrapper around a useful C API command. I thought it was used, but maybe not. I guess it doesn't matter then to OpenACS.

I'll put in SourceForge next week in case someone else wants to use it.