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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

News from Heidelberg:

- i18n: we are looking for volunteers (and funding) to help finish the remaining i18n work: fixing problematic message keys/adding timezone support/charset review/more translation and other things that pop up. Collaboraid has created a jewel and now we need some people to start polishing it.

- As Peter mentions above, we have set aside funds for Collaboraid to start on External Authentication. More on this soon.

Steering Group Item:

-DOCUMENTATION: dotLRN now has very basic user level and programmer level documentation ( ). Both need review. Programmer level documentation should probably be in the standard location for OpenACS packages and user level documentation should be moved into the OpenACS/dotLRN UI where possible. This would allow us to take advantage of the i18n infrastructure for user documentation, while pushing it closer to where it might be needed. Any thoughts or comments on this?