Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Archiving and deleting communities

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Heidelberg Medical School Use Cases:

Case #1:
Introduction to Human Anatomy course is offered in the first semester (online course in dotLRN augments the class with notes, discussions, FAQs, diagrams, etc.). Students take part in the course, do well, and move on to other courses (the online course is then "cloned" for the next group and made "inactive" by the course administrator after which it "disappears" from the students portal view in dotLRN). A year later the students would like to review Anatomy lecture notes, questions, discussion, etc. for their upcoming medical board exam. They go to the control panel (to "inactive courses") and are able to access all information (including student-generated interactions) related to the course that they attended. We question if the interactive parts of the course should automatically be closed (students might want to continue discussion with one another or organize study groups).
The course administrators can make a course active again.

Case #2:
Pharmacology courses are offered to BASF employees through an agreement between the school and the company. Courses are offered on a short term basis and are "archived" upon completion (after the content has been cloned for the next group). "Archiving" makes the course inaccessible to all users (only a system wide admin can bring a course "back from the dead").