Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Software Downloads: Please Advertise!

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
OpenACS will hopefully be able to use stock AOLserver distributions very soon, but it can't right now. So the OpenACS documents are correct for the moment.

We had another good AOLserver chat a few hours ago. I've put the log and the logs from the previous few weeks on SourceForge. Here's the news:

  • The core team has cleaned up SF permissions. It should only affect things like file releases and not CVS commit rights. If you need to do something but discover you can't, email Scott.
  • As asked in a recent OpenACS forum posting: AOL is indeed making backups of the SF repository. Scott is going to set up the syncmail script to notify the aolserver-sf list on CVS commits.
  • Lamar is going to join Don as a maintainer of nspostgres. The SourceForge copy should become the most up-to-date version very shortly. Tom and Scott G. are going to add nsrewrite to SF.
  • AOLserver 3.5.2 has been tagged. It has new man pages, dns caching, and a couple of bug fixes.
  • is getting a makeover. It will be hosted on an AOLserver instance. Look for an upcoming email and CVS check-in.
  • Scott plans to release nsopenssl 2.2 around Christmas.
  • Mark Page from AOL is working on merging in the AD13 changes. It is hoped that he and Jon Griffin can join forces.
So we are slowly getting closer to the easy OpenACS install we would all like. If you can help somehow, please do!