Forum OpenACS Development: monitoring/cassandracle missing some files

I just noticed that the OpenACS 4.6 Monitoring package is missing some stuff that is in my copy of the ACS 4.2 Monitoring package version "monitoring-4-0-0a-R20010201". The cassandracle index page is missing the cassandracle/jobs/all-jobs and cassandracle/jobs/running-jobs links, the all-jobs.tcl file is missing entirely, and the running-jobs.tcl file is subtantially different.

It's not the OpenACS deleted and changed those files, it looks like they were never imported into cvs at all in the first place. I suspect OpenACS started with an older version of the Monitoring package - anybody happen to know which one?

Somebody should probably import the last Monitoring package form aD onto the 1.1.1 "initial-dev" vendor branch, merge stuff over, and resolve any conflicts. Don, do you want me to do it? If you give me cvs access to that package I can take care of it.