Forum OpenACS Q&A: ad_proc for 3.2.5?

Posted by David Kuczek on
Did anyone backport ad_proc to 3.2.5?

Until yesterday I had a version that was working, but I got an error that looks rather hard to track. It seems that the starting "-" in one of my database entries makes trouble...

For now I just altered the specific proc from ad_proc to proc_doc and it works. It would be nicer to have a working ad_proc version though.

Here the error message:

    Error: Unrecognized argument - Erstellung eines Marketingkompendiums
    ... bla bla bla ...
    - Erstellung von Powerpoint-Präsentationen
        while executing
    "error "Unrecognized argument $arg""
        ("default" arm line 2)
        invoked from within
    "switch -- $arg {
                            "--" {
                                set parsing_named_args_p 0
        (procedure "arg_parser_for_ad_text_to_html" line 18)
        invoked from within
    "arg_parser_for_ad_text_to_html $args"
        (procedure "ad_text_to_html" line 1)
        invoked from within

2: Re: ad_proc for 3.2.5? (response to 1)
Posted by Robert Locke on
Did you try adding a "--" between your switches (if any) and the beginning of your arguments?  The "--" signifies that the subsequent arguments are not switches.  For instance:

    ad_text_to_html -- $text

Check out this thread for more info: