Forum OpenACS Q&A: acs-subsite mixed up

Posted by Jun Yamog on
I think my acs-subsite and groups are mixed up.  Here is the scenario.

select * from groups;

Will reveal that subsiteA group_id is lower than Main Subsite group.  I think it became that way because I created subsiteA and visited its group page first before the Main Subsite group page.  A group of a subsite only gets created if you visit its group page. I think this behaviour is 4.5 beta 1 bug.

So normally a new subsite becomes a member of subsiteA rather than Main Subsite.  I also can not delete subsiteA instance I get a problem of:

select application_group__delete(:subsiteA_group_id);
ERROR:  rc_required_rel_segment referential integrity violation - key in rel_segments still referenced from rc_segment_required_seg_map

What is rc_segment_required_seg_map table for anyway?  Any thoughts how I can fix this mix up?  Thanks.