Forum .LRN Q&A: dotLRN documentation - what we have and what we need?

Here is the current list of all the documentation that we have for dotLRN.

General/User docs The user docs are very useful and upto date thanks to the work done by Deirdre Kane from Sloan. Some of the docs need to be generalised to be dotLRN docs from the Sloan Manuals.

  • Short feature overview
  • Tour for professors (powerpoint)
  • Tour for students (powerpoint)
  • Sloan User FAQs
  • Sloan Admin FAQs
  • Sloan User guides
  • dotLRN 1.0 User and Administrator Handbook LRN
Developers docs

Currently exist in the dotlrndoc package and they should be moved to the standard OpenACS docs location dotlrn/www/doc

  • Writing a dotLRN Package
  • dotLRN Architecture
  • dotLRN Nomenclature: a dotLRN Primer
  • dotLRN Roles, Sections, and Permissions
  • dotLRN Portal Permissions
I have reviewed the developer docs. The docs are not complete and are inadequate to really help a new developer, and for the experienced dotLRN developer they are not complete enough to be useful. We should discuss the usefulness of including then in the dotLRN 1.0 release.

So, does any one have opinions on what other docs we need for dotLRN?


I might be a little bit dump, but is there a link to all the documentation that you describe (aka, is it on a single site?).

Furthermore, where should we send additional material to (as I think we will be writing up some marketing materials).

Posted by Nick Carroll on
I would like to see some documentation on the new-portal package.  Such as a HOWTO guide to create your own portlets, and to display them on a particular page.
Plese inform me the address/location of "Tour for Proffesors" & "Tour for students" Or

where "Tour for Proffesors" & "Tour for students"is available on site?

Posted by Don Baccus on
I'll document the portals package when the rewrite is included in .LRN (tentatively planned for .LRN 2.1).  The process of creating a portal has changed drastically (it is much simpler) so any documentation written for the .LRN 2.0 version would have to be rewritten, and I don't really have time to do it twice.

.LRN 2.1 is scheduled to be released mid-summer ...

Posted by Bruce Spear on
Thanks for raising this question, Mohan!
How about integrating your list with the wonderful collection of openacs documentation Jade has compiled over on the openacs site?
For user docs, I would also suggest that we integrate these sites to reflect whatever structure Malte might set up with his proposed context-dependent help system, and also, that we make this interactive, maybe including a forum format, so we could more freely share quick "how-to's" rather than always face editing burdens?
Posted by Jade Rubick on
I'd like to move a lot of my documentation into the acs-core-docs, so that I can give up ownership of it and others can improve it. If anyone has any pages they're interested in moving into XML, it's pretty easy to do, and I'll be happy to see it moved over.