Forum OpenACS Q&A: Berkeley/SF Bay Area OpenACS Social Sunday, Dec 22 2002 in Berkeley

There will be an OpenACS social in Berkeley this Sunday, December 22. It will be in the afternoon, around 2 or 3-ish. Not quite sure where, yet.

Any of you Berzekely-ers have any good suggestions? "Somewhere with good beer," is what Caroline asked for.


Posted by Talli Somekh on
Ahem I meant 2002. Getting a little ahead of myself I guess.

Need some of that good beer Caroline was talking about to slow myself down, I reckon.


The social will be at the Bison Brewing Co in downtown Berkeley.

We will be there officially from 4-6 PM. But that could change. If it does, we'll post it to the forums.

Here is the address:

2598 Telegraph Ave
At the corner of Telegraph Ave. and Parker
Berkeley, Ca.
(510) 841 - 7734
Talli, the party follows you wherever you go! Looking forward to it!
hey guys,

just posting a reminder that the social is today at the Bison Brewery in Berkeley.

The people that I know will be there are:

Bart Teeuwise
Stan Kaufman
Jim Lynch
Caroline Meeks
and me

Hope to see all sorts of OACS other OACS geeks too!


Hmmm...when I got to Bison Brewing Co at 2598 Telegraph at about 5pm, I found it shuttered with a sign saying it is closed Dec 22 to Jan 6.  Does this place only open to a secret knock or via an invisible back door? Did I have transient ischemic attack in my optical lobes or association cortex? Or did you all discover this at 4pm and adjourn to another location? Dang, I hate to have missed such a distinguished list of OpenACSers...

I must have just missed you. While calling the home front for any last minute updates, Jerry Asher arrived. The two of us checked all bars on Telegraph Ave to no avail.

What happened guys?


Hey guys,

That happened to me too. I'm really so sorry about this. I did check their website this week to make sure that they were open on Sunday and didn't see any mention that they would be closed.

I arrived around 4:45, which judging by your posts was early :) I also did a few sweeps along Telegraph and didn't find anyone.

Alas... Perhaps we can have one after the holidays? First week of January?


First full week (ie 1/6 and beyond) would suit me!
Was stalking Telegraph around 5:00 yesterday too, hoping to find where the confab had moved.  Looks like it moved to January, which is great, because now I haven't missed it.

Looking forward to meeting y'all.


How about a rescheduled social for Tue Jan 7th?

Is Santa Cruz an option for Bay Area residents? The bar & grill at the Crow's nest in the Santa Harbor would be a great location. The Crow's nest is right at the beach and Tue night is the "Lobster for Locals" special: a $13.95 lobster & salad bar.


If it's that close, I may be able to make it. I live in Santa Cruz.


Bart and Randy, I'm all right with coming over the hill to Santa Cruz on Tuesday since you guys came over last time. I'm in between Berkeley/SF and Santa Cruz, so it's the same to me either way.

Can others who are higher up on the Peninsula or in the East or North Bay make it? Is Santa Cruz all right with everyone?

If so, how about 7PM at Bartt's suggestion, The Crow's Nest?


I'm in San Fran proper but I can't make it down to Santa Cruz tomorrow night. Still, I'd really like to join in a Bay Area OpenACS event sometime. And a location close to a BART station is much more workable for me, FWIW.
So, are we on for 7 PM?


My internet connection will be down till sometime tomorrow. (I'm using a friend's connection). However, if Santa Cruz is to far for most I'm open to going to the South Bay near a BART station for Stan. Any suggestions?


going somewhere near BART seems to be really out of the way as it seems to be one of the worse public transportation systems in the universe.

How about going to the Tied House Brewery in Mountain View? It's a famous geek hangout, it's very near the CalTrains Castro St stop and is pretty much equal distance from SF and Santa Cruz.

Would that work?


So what is the word on this? Will we be meeting this eve or what? Stan? Randy? Bart?


I can make it to Mt View by  7pm, so I'm game. What is the quorum? Even if it's just you, Talli, I'd enjoy the chat.

And you must not have spent much time riding Muni if you have such a dour view of BART. Muni buses drive in packs -- three at a time with an hour's wait between. If this were Newark, I'd presume they do so for safety. Here, I think they just like the company.

Stan, sounds perfect. Everyone else, you're welcome to join us!

7pm at the Tied House in Mountain View, CA. Here is a map.


A fine plan! See any and all of you there&then.
I'll be there too.


Sorry. I won't be able to make this one. Maybe next time.


Excellent conversation, brews and pubgrub last night, gents! Many thanks, Talli!