Forum OpenACS Development: On line virtual classroom (virtual conference)

We are looking for a solution for Virtual classroom (online conferencing)
Our specific requirements are:
·    Turnkey project much preferable.
·    Virtual classrooms (online conferencing) platform turnkey
·    The platform support voice, text and whiteboard
·    Link to our web site
·    Only registrations users can enter to classroom.
·    The users login by username and password
·    Indication of open/close classrooms
·    Indication who is talking now and who wants to talk.
·    Test for microphone and speakers
·    The Teachers would logon as a moderator and would be able to mute
      students, ban users, or terminate connections.  The moderator can also
      Override the queue.
·    The rooms can be setup to be automatically muted
      When there is no moderator present.
·    Sharing application, and can share MSPaint to act as a whiteboard.
·    Reports of the systems - as much as possible specially the duration time of users
Waiting to your answer.
Posted by Talli Somekh on
Uhm... What's your question?


Posted by Peter Marklund on
Eliz, take a look at dotLRN if you haven't already, especially the demo system. For whiteboard functionality we are planning to use Javanti together with dotLRN.