Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: PostgreSQL data disappeared

Posted by Jarkko Laine on

The problem is that postmaster was running. I was able to connect to one of three databases there should have been, but it was empty.

And yes, I was installing Oracle for testing of dotLRN for my school, my own site uses PostgreSQL (or used, now it doesn't exist anymore).

I don't think I had any scripts for AOLserver in rc.d:

[root@swissnet rc6.d]# ls
K02postgresql  K25squid       K49oracle8i   K70bcm5820  K86nfslock
K03rhnsd       K25sshd        K50snmpd      K72autofs   K87portmap
K05anacron     K30sendmail    K50snmptrapd  K74apmd     K88syslog
K05atd         K34yppasswdd   K50tux        K74nscd     K90network
K05keytable    K35smb         K50xinetd     K74ntpd     K92ipchains
K10wine        K44rawdevices  K60crond      K74ypserv   K92iptables
K10xfs         K45winbind     K60lpd        K74ypxfrd   K95kudzu
K15gpm         K46radvd       K65identd     K75netfs    S00killall
K20nfs         K49listener8i  K70aep1000    K80random   S01reboot
But I do use svc to control web servers. It's just this was probably the first time I had to reboot the machine...