Forum OpenACS Q&A: Missing global directory

Posted by Jarkko Laine on
The default for aolserver config file seems to be that 404 etc error messages are redirected to /global/file-not-found.html etc pages. However, cvs checkout for oacs 4.6 doesn't seem to have that directory. I noticed this after I installed lars-watchdog and it emails me a couple of error emails an hour saying that
Error: return: failed to redirect '404': exceeded recursion limit of 3.
I'm not sure which is wrong, cvs or the default file, but I'd think one of them should be fixed 😊

Another thing concerning the setup file is that although I have set debug to false and after that restarted the server many times, I still get debug messages to my error log file.

Posted by Jon Griffin on
The missing files are a known problem. See other posts.
Posted by Jun Yamog on
Anyone who has time and commit rights, kindly make this known problem a closed problem.  Either edit the config file we distribute or just add those global files.  Thanks, Happy Holidays.