Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Can't delete unmounted ETP instance

Posted by Mark Aufflick on
Ok, so having the same problem, and I REALLY needed to delete an etp instance (so it wouldn't get indexed), I figured out the following manual process (assuming a single page in this case):

  • unmount the etp instance in the site-map
  • figure out the item_id of the page with
    select * from cr_items where name = 'your page name';
  • delete that cr item with: (substitute your item_id)
    select content_item__delete(3130);
  • delete the cr_folder associated with your instance - I used the cms packages gui interface, but i'm sure you could use a plpgsql function. Note that this won't work until you have deleted the page as above.
  • now you can delete the unmounted app in site-map/unmounted
phew! the question is, where to automate this - SO ugly to do it specifically in site-map/instance-delete... if we don't want to do cascading, maybe we make a new naming standard for an "instance-destructor" function which could be run (if it exists) by site-map/instance-delete

if someone important (ie. not me) decides how it should be done I am happy to implement it.

Do I win the record for number of posts on christmas eve?! (noticing the time stamp tells me there should be a user_timezone preference...)

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