Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Okay, I think I am getting really good at failing to install dotLRN

This error is most likely because you are mixing incompatible version of oacs and dotlrn. Either you can use oacs-4-6 (which happens to be the version that the tarball is based on) together with dotlrn-1-0, or HEAD from both.

Did you really follow, especially the paragraph where it says:

If you are installing OpenACS, follow the extensive installation documentation. Stop at the point  where the OpenACS installation instructions tell you to "download OpenACS". Don't use the "Quick Downloads"! Continue on with this document.

      cvs -d login
      (just hit return for the password)
      cvs -z3 -d checkout acs-core

Also have a look at the comment at the bottom of the installation instructions.

Hi Tilmann;

Thanks kindly for the reply.

Having failed at doing "it" the way you
described a week ago, I bailed on it when
the tarball appeared. Which of course didn't
work as remarked above.

So, with your prompting, I went BACK to
the original proceedure, got all the
stuff from cvs head, and suprise suprise!
It worked this time!

So, just in case anyone is curious, this day,
20021228, the dotlrn installation works just
fine as described in the original document.

Thanks again.

Now on to the next phase of the adventure.