Forum OpenACS Development: 4.6 Beta 1 (from head 12/31/01) Install Experience

I've just performed a fresh install of OACS 4.6 from CVS head (entire openacs-4) of 12/31/02. I used the head because there were problems with both the beta1 tarball and the 4.6 branch. Some of the problems I experienced were due to the fact that I began with postgresql 7.3 and aolserver 3.4.2, some were not.

Would it be worthwhile for me to extract the Warning and Error messages from my saved logs (postgresql 7.3.1 and aolserver331+ad13) and post them around here somewhere? The raw logs take a little over 5 megs, filtered Warn/Error will be very much smaller.


Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

Please be aware that the CVS HEAD is very different from OACS 4.6 as all the development work on OpenACS not belonging to OACS 4.6 has been committed to the HEAD. OACS 4.6 is on a seperate branch which has not been merged with the HEAD yet. The CVS HEAD contains work that when merged with the 4.6 branch will become the basis for 4.7.

Your installation of the CVS HEAD with PG 7.3.1 is cutting edge but certainly not OACS 4.6.

You can log individual bugs in the OpenACS bugtracker ( Make sure that you log the bugs with the right version. Bugs found in the CVS HEAD should be logged as version 4.7.

Bugs encounterd in either the 4.6 tarball or the 4.6 branch with PG 7.2.x should be logged as version 4.6.

There is no point in logging bugs found in the tarball or the 4.6 branch in combination with PG 7.3.x as 4.6 doesn't support PG 7.3.x.


Posted by Randy O'Meara on
Thank you, Bart.

Now that I know that PG 7.3.1 and CVS head work together (at least through core install), I believe I'll drop back to PG 7.2.3 and the 4.6 branch for my development work to gain stability.