Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ns_cpfp broken in AOLserver 3.5.1

Posted by Tom Jackson on

Hmm, so the obvious answer ( I see the light ) is that if you use Tcl open, you need to use fconfigure to set the binary mode. The use of ns_cpfp in this instance would require a sequence of commands like:

set ifp [open infilename r]
set ofp [open outfilename w+]

fconfigure $ifp -translation binary
fconfigure $ofp -translation binary

ns_cpfp $ifp $ofp

close $ifp
close $ofp

Or just use either of the following:

# using OS open with O_BINARY flag set:
ns_cp infilename outfilename
# or Tcl: 
file copy infilename outfilename

I would still go with the Tcl only solution, but my question is to what branch should I create a patch? I don't know how to check out the head, any hints?

Also, I wonder why this works sometimes. The code for ns_cpfp hasn't changed in at least two years in this respect, it has probably always been this way.