Forum OpenACS Development: ETP - *any* way to get an image into an ETP page?

I've searched through the docs and the threads and I understand there's no way to get sophisticated Imagemagik processed thumbnail -> full size images into ETP -

Is there a way to get an <img src="absolute path to a single jpeg or png file"> to work?
When I try, ETP prepends the pseudo URL to the path.


Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
The way we do it:

Use File-Manager to upload the file (and get the fixes from Tilmann first). Then link to the URL you uploaded the file to using ETP.

Posted by Ivan Histand on
There is a simple way to do this using the photo-album, for an example see here:

As you can see the thumbnails link to the larger photo-album page.

The way I accomplish this is to first upload the image to the photo-album.  I made a small mod to the photo-album to display an html snippet for a given photo which can be pasted into the ETP editor.  It's a simple solution that works.

If you are interested in this approach I would be glad to send you my mods.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
Can't you upload the modification to CVS (or have someone do it). If this does not break existing functionality (which I doubt) this is a really valuable addition to the package. And would work seriously better than our filemanager solution :).
Posted by Jorge Garcia on
Hi, Ivan.
We are also interested in those modifications.
We are triying to do the same thing Lachlan needs.
If you could upload your code it will be very interesting.
Posted by Jun Yamog on

You can try mod-ETP, which is capable of binary items.  This is something that I built when I was with Infiniteinfo.

I already have something that is better that I would release with the proper docs etc.  Its a from ground up implementation.  Aside from being able to use binary data it can relate this binary data to your pages.  More on this in a month or two.

Posted by Lachlan Myers on
Thank you all for your assistance - I'll experiment with all these recommendations when I get a chance.