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7: Re: AOL 3.5 and APM (response to 1)
Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Jon, did you ever solve these AOLserver 3.5 problems?

I just tried 3.5.1, and since it completely lacks the the
ns_startcontent command, ReturnHeaders, ad_return_top_of_page, and
various other related procs in acs-tcl/tcl/utilities-procs.tcl fail

ns_startcontent is part of Rob Mayoff's 3.3+ad13 (and earlier)
patches, and is implemented in aolserver/nsd/conn8.c

Obviously we should make 3.5.x feature complete with respect to
3.3+ad13, sooner rather than later.  I know some folks are already
working on it...

8: Re: AOL 3.5 and APM (response to 7)
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
(For anyone who doesn't read the AOLserver mailing list.) I'm working on forward porting the AD13+OACS1 changes to 3.5.2. I think I'm mostly done, but I need some help testing the patches. (I'm on Win32 and haven't ever used the i18n code before.) I'm working from the notes I made earlier - If anyone would like "preview" patches, I'd be happy to email them to you. Suggestions on good tests to run are also welcome.
12: Re: AOL 3.5 and APM (response to 8)
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
The patches are temporarily available here - If you try them, please let me know, as I've done very little testing. I think I've got all of the AD13+OACS1 enhancements incorporated except byte range support.

Tomorrow's AOLserver chat will include a discussion of these and the future of i18n support in AOLserver, so I encourage everyone to join us.