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2: Test script (response to 1)
Posted by John Sequeira on
FWIW here's a test script

[... set root to root folder of openacs]
package require tdom
package require fileutil

set files [::fileutil::findByPattern  $root *.xql]
foreach file $files {
  set doc [dom parse [fileutil::cat $file]]

If this doesn't croak,  then the xql files are fine.

3: Re: Test script (response to 2)
Posted by Jeff Davis on

I asked Don about this before when I wrote some validation utilities for the xql files. I think his view was that it was a little annoying to write correct xml (manifestly true) and that turning all the extant files into valid xml was not a high priority.

I did validate all the files in 4.6 at one point so a part from the quoting problem they should now all be clean (and QD does an ns_quotehtml on the query text before it feeds it to ns_xml so it is actually parsed with a standard xml parser rather than something hand rolled).

I think it's easy enough to clean up with a simple script, maybe it's time to do it. I would also like to do some stuff to cache the parse across restarts since I would like the server restart to be quicker and as it stands the qd parse is an appreciable fraction of the startup time.