Forum OpenACS Q&A: ACS Templating Iteration Demonstration Error

Hi - I've been working through the demonstrations for the templating system and for the example "Repeating template chunks for each row of a query result, with custom manipulation of data", I am getting the following error:

"No fullquery for dbqd.acs-templating.www.doc.demo.multiaccess.get_users and default SQL empty - query for statement missing while executing "error "No fullquery for $statement_name and default SQL empty - query for statement missing""
    (procedure "db_qd_replace_sql" line 9)".......

This error is present in 4.6 not in 4.5. Has anyone run into this? Thanks for any assistance to fix this.

Posted by xx xx on
You'll have to change the query in the tcl file (packages/acs-templating/www/doc/demo/multiacces.tcl) to:

db_multirow users get_users  "select last_name, first_name, first_name || ' ' || last_name as full_name from ad_template_sample_users"

I have put it in the bug tracker a while ago but will put it in the openacs4 bugtracker.

Posted by Randy Ferrer on
Thanks for the assist! It now works at it should. I noticed this is also broken on the current OpenACS site.
Posted by Don Baccus on
It looks to me as though someone moved the query to a query file (rather than inline), which is the right thing to do, but then forgot to commit the query file to CVS!

Anyone out there want to 'fess up to having cleaned this up?  We should fix it (by adding the query file to the example) in HEAD, if no one jumps up and volunteers soon I'll try to remember to do this over the weekend.

In the interim putting the query back inline will work, of course.