Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Any plans for a 4.6 announcement?

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Well, I did some fixes to the Static Pages packages, so Roberto, here's my summary of improvments. Other people (jeffd, donb, daveb, olah) did stuff too, but I looked at the CVS log, and I think their stuff was either bug fixes that I assume weren't very user visible, or pre-dated the OpenACS 4.5 release entirely. (Obviously, correct me if I'm wrong folks...)

The spiffy new Static Pages 4.3 package, released in concert with OpenACS 4.6, has the following improvments from the version released with OpenACS 4.5:

  • Multiple static-pages package instances are now allowed - the package is no longer a singleton.
  • Added support for non-HTML MIME types, and now properly notes the MIME type in the the Content Repository. Tested (only) with HTML and PDF.
  • Added mutex locking, no more errors if by accident you run more than one sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem job at once.
  • Fixed sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem process so that the sync will properly continue after hitting an error on a single file, rather than terminating abruptly.
  • Added proc sp_sync_cr_with_filesystem_scheduled, which can be scheduled to run nightly.
  • Misc. bug fixes, code cleanup, and maintenance. (E.g., moved PL/SQL and pg/plsql functions and package bodies and headers into separate files, to make upgrade scripts simpler to write.)
  • Full upgrade scripts from OpenACS 4.5 Static Pages release.