Forum OpenACS Q&A: Final thesis on dotLRN...

Posted by David Kuczek on
I will be writing my final thesis in Business Administration at the University of Cologne + MIT on dotLRN. The thesis is in a *very* early stage, but it will most probably be built around the  comparison of features, business model, marketing approach etc. of dotLRN / Blackboard. I also persuaded my professor to write it in English, having in mind it being of future marketing value for dotLRN / oacs ;-)

Additionally my professor wants me to research on a technologoy/service called UNIVERSAL which is financed by the EU... "UNIVERSAL is a world-class brokerage service linking educators and trainers for the exchange and distribution of Learning Resources.";jsessionid=p0gs3kxxt1?pageID=%3EaboutProjectOverview

Anyone heard of it?

Isn't dotLRN in use at the TU Wien? Albrecht?


Posted by Bjorn Thor Jonsson on

Yes, I've heard of UNIVERSAL. The school I study at provided me with an account on that system and the only Learning Resource I've yet accessed is Philip Greenspun's lecture "Principles of Sustainable Online Community"

Good luck with your thesis!