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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
The AOLserver chat ended a little while ago.  Here's my summary, the log is at for now.

The AOLserver Core Team had its first meeting yesterday, and a lot happened.  Mark Page will be replacing Shahzad Chaudhri as one of the AOL representatives.  The ACT has decided that everyone should be focusing on AOLserver 4.0, so all work on the 3.x series has ended.

Practically, this means that the AD patches will not be added to 3.5.x and there may not be a 3.5.2 release (though it was tagged). Jim wants to finish up his work on 4.0 within the next week.  4.0 already has some i18n support and Mark is working on the remaining issues.  Zoran and Jeff H. are working on potential changes to Tcl initialization - one goal is to have "package require" work out of the box.  There is internal pressure at AOL to have 4.0 installed at Mapquest etc. in the next month or so.  The current hope is to have a tagged beta in the next few weeks, more specific dates are promised for the next chat.

Tom J. has nsreturnz and nsrewrite ready for addition to SourceForge.  Scott plans to start putting TCL-based modules in SF CVS too.