Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Invalid XML in XQL files

Posted by John Sequeira on
Everyone's made some good points as to why openacs developers wouldn't want to inline queries.  And Jeff's point about the parser being difficult to implement is well-taken.

For my current effort,  OTOH,  minimizing startup time is of huge benefit.  I spent 15 minutes and implemented OACS_FULLQUERIES as a persistent array (see ),  and just made db_qd_load_query_file a no-op.  This benefited startup time enormously,  as you'd expect,  and my work now proceeds faster.  OpenACS' implementation of OACS_FULLQUERIES is different than my/nstcl's own,  but using a trace in this way would probably achieve the desired results.

Anyway,  although I can see why it's not appropriate for the toolkit,  I have only worked on single-db projects to date and I still like the idea of inlining.  I might revisit it someday by porting my ugly perl script to a tcl one that uses ParseTools ( ).  If it worked as advertised,  it might actually do the trick.