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20: Re: AOL 3.5 and APM (response to 18)
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
There's nothing stopping us from releasing another version of AOLserver that has been customized for OpenACS and dotLRN; as Jon said, the work is basically done.  The hardest part would probably be naming the thing - AOLserver_3.5.2ish+kindofAD13+OACS2?  I've also been using 4b1 for over a year and have been nagging other people to try it out for almost as long.

That said, I don't really buy the ACT's argument.  If we *did* decide another OpenACS AOLserver distribution was needed in the time between now and 4.0 final, wouldn't that cause as much or more developer distraction?  As Andrew's last message makes clear - it would probably be the same people doing the work either way.  Personally, I predict that the amount of time we have and will spend debating this issue will be greater than the time it would have taken to just produce a 3.6 release. :-)

Jon - if you discover the source of the acs-lang problem is in my patches, I'll try to fix them.  While I'm thinking of it - When I was testing acs-lang I ran into the problem that it depends on ref-timezones...