Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Request for Comment: Implementing Profiles in .LRN

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
For my class I did a terrible hack on ACES, which might actually still work with dotLRN (read: the method used). I used the file storage, added general comment facility to the page where you could view details about a file and added the rating system from Lars / AD to it. Completely ugly, but it worked for me.

Other then that I think some people are working on adding grading functionality to the survey module (though I'd prefer it to be seperate, so you can grade files as well). I think the idea is to add it to the curriculum module as well. And last but not least we have a testing module running for one of our clients, which probably needs some cleanup before beeing useful and only supports something like "passed" and "not passed".

But I would refrain from storing this information with the user profiles as talked about here, because we'd have more grades per user and role. It would be different if every class used it's own user profile (which you can think about), but I'd say keeping it seperate is a better way. And makes it easier to intergrate with SCORM (at least the way I envision handling the user profiles 😊).