Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Request for Comment: Implementing Profiles in .LRN

I have seen some nice grading features in an ACES system (, which stored evaluation info on tests, projects, assignments, and attendance. There is not yet anything like it in dotLRN (just yet).

Obviously evaluation is essential to learning and we need to get general infrastructure for this into dotLRN. Malte, considering SCORM it might be best if grading/evaluation was an independent project (independent of User Profiles), but I just wanted to mention it to see if we could somehow slip it in here (sometimes User Profiles can play an important part of evaluation as well -> participation).

Jarkko, although it is probably quite early for them make sure to remind your home institute about the main advantage of open source: user driven development. We (MIT Sloan and Heidelberg) are looking forward to other institutional partners jumping aboard and having a general evaluation package built would be a delightful way to join us (smile).