Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Form-builder display/edit modes

Posted by Lars Pind on
Apologies to all, but in the process of upgrading bug-tracker to make use of the new form builder display/edit mode feature, and the new button features, I realized that I hadn't designed the quite right the first time.

So now I've committed a new version.

It's mostly the same, but:

- The form builder now handles the logic of which buttons to display, e.g. when you say -have_submit, or when you switch between display and edit modes, etc.

- There's a new "action" feature, where you can have buttons for actions on the "display" version, which cause the form to go into "edit" mode, and to pass on the action using a "form:action" hidden variable. See the latest version of bug-tracker on HEAD for an example of how this works.


Posted by C. R. Oldham on
So does this break anything in the old form builder?  Can we backport this to 4.6?  And are there docs for this somewhere?