Forum OpenACS Development: Template Letters for Microsoft Word

Posted by Kevin Crosbie on
I have written a package which produces template letters for Microsoft Word in Rich Text Format format using merge fields from the database.

It also provides the facility to save the letter as a general comment.

I was wondering if anyone thought this would be valuable to the openacs, I know from a marketing perspective, our guys loved it and said it proved very valuable.  So far all of our newer clients have asked for it to be used in their systems.

It needs a bit of testing and fixing up I'd say, but I it's ready for a release as a standalone package.

Posted by C. R. Oldham on
I could see us using this, so the answer is "yes"!
Posted by Kevin Crosbie on
I have an apm file for it, is there anywhere I can upload it to on the openacs site, or should I put a link up from our website?
Posted by Dave Bauer on
You can upload it to file-storage at

Eventually we should have a place to contribute packages, but this works for now.

Posted by Kevin Crosbie on
Thanks for that.

The url is:

Few notes:
It's written for Oracle, I'll port it to Postgres soon.

The letter management screen was written for IE.  IE has a DOM function called SelectedRange, which is not in Netscape or Mozilla.  I wrote a Java Applet which was intended for Netscape, however, I had some problems with it, basically, the carriage return was not being counted as a character in the Netscape getCaretPosition() function.  Perhaps someone could take a look if they get a chance, I have included the applet source.

When you install it, Create the Example Letter and then click on Manage Letters.  This screen allows you to create a new letter or edit a previously created letter.  The example is built for the ACS_Objects table, so if you type in 0(zero) as the object_id in the Test box at the bottom, it should give you a nice shiny template letter.