Forum OpenACS Development: Re: New template tags - switch statement

Posted by Roberto Mello on

It's a separate download because I did it for my own use, in my 4.6 sites. I made it available so those developing on 4.6 could use the form additions _now_, instead of when 4.6.1 is released.

I'm sure all these changes will go into 4.6.1 (and in that case, my tar ball could still be used to add the changes to 4.6.1, since I'm getting rid of the i18n calls that were put into HEAD).

But I don't know what are the CVS procedures to 4.6.1 yet, so nothing has gone back into CVS yet. Jeff is also planning to backport a bunch of stuff into 4.6.x, and we haven't discussed how this is going to be done yet.

I don't know how this could be prominently highlighted. It's not something required for 4.6 usage. I thought about putting it into file-storage, but it'd be more trouble for me and the URL would be ugly and hard to remember.