Forum OpenACS Q&A: POST function similar to ns_returnredirect?

Does anyone know of a function that simulates a form's POST method? I need something similar to ns_returnredirect -- ns_returnredirect won't work because the number of chars for one of the values is this too large.
Posted by Kevin Crosbie on
You could do:

set export_vars [export_vars -form {my_Vars}]
ns_write "<html>
<body onload="my_form.submit();">
<form name=my_form method=post action=my_url>

Posted by Dave Bauer on
Try ns_httppost, it exists in some versions of AOLserver. If it is not in your version there is also util_httppost included as part of OpenACS.
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Depending on your application you might be able to use ad_set_client_property/ad_get_client_property instead to pass the value between pages.