Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Request for Comment: Implementing Profiles in .LRN

Being able to have more than one profile per user seems essential to this RFC.

I would be very interested in the permissions that would be involved in the Profiles Package as proposed. Will it be possible to give specific people rights on specific kinds of profiles?

Would it be possible to use the package to implement a faculty and staff directory that could be kept up to date by a central office or departmental offices?

If this is the case, another thing that would interest me is if an export mechanism is planned (could it be used to export certain profiles for printing-> CMS for a directory publication process?)

Though I'm not sure Al has thought about this, it should be fairly easy to achieve the permissioning on top of it. It is just an issue of how you make the UI, so you could not only decide who get's to view what part of your profile, but also who is able to edit it. Maybe use the one we have with Wimpy Point. Talking about it, is a permissioning system, telling who get's to view what profile, part of this RFC? If not, it better should be, at least in most countries of the world.